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World head " 0 carbon house " explore

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Fu of an old fellow like me of a pair of England is built on barren island case " the greenest home " , they are all use up come from the clean the sources of energy that can circulate, carbolic discharge capacity is 0

[author] Zhou Biao

Gazette article is located in international pioneer not to list bump archipelago most north carries set Lan Qun island is mediumly, island of An Si spy is one of a few a few islands that suit human life, here once was the resident ground of Northman, lei He of · of connubial Michael Er retires because of a pair however here Duoluoxi Lei builds " 0 carbon house " , make the fix eyes upon land of global environmentalist, their website also is become last year Gu Ge the 4th big popular website.
Pass email and telephone call, er of male master Michael to " international pioneer gazette " told about " 0 carbon house " story.

Clean the sources of energy is moist frame house

Couple 2 buildings see two built woodiness be like go up with the island other and average house is indiscriminate, but building and their life place need the sources of energy to use autarky of turbine of force of solar energy zephyr entirely.
On the foundation of original cell building, michael Er added two wings room to the house. One is the solar energy room of 3 glass, with will draw solar energy, serve as the recreational place of sunbathe at the same time; Another one divides into two: One part serves as the office, another part serves as hovel, place energy to store reclaim device, a stainless steel canal and subterranean wind- driven turbine and ground can collect a system to be linked together.
When the midsummer on island of An Si spy round-the-clock daytime, winter criterion cold wind is brisk, these device can pass through the energy that collects air and area, provide electric energy, heat energy to the building. Although a world of ice and snow, have the heat addition of central heating system that the waste gas below the floor changes, be like,also be warm inside house spring. Not only such, the vehicle that goes out repeatedly also is electric energy car.
Their food also cultivates by oneself entirely, still grow with the computer floral that monitor environment. Michael Er says, they were planted again this year new plant, can see in conservatory tree of lemon, grapevine, green pepper blossoms and bear fruit before long too again. Come down all the year round, husband and wife all lives of two are autarky, came true to long for day and night " 0 carbon live " .

In one day of old blue print comes true

Michael Er creates the whole world first " 0 carbon house " dream, come from his rich life experience. Go up century 50 time, he ever had learned brushwork and sculpture, the artistic edification of this paragraph of time makes he was full of idealism to the life. Later, michael Er begins to undertake commercial activity, ever the large transnational corporation such as hold post Yu Huipu, Intel, Motolora. This paragraph of experience makes he was familiar with commerce to run mode, knew the friend of bounds of a lot of science and technology, lay next foundations to contact the cooperative business that builds cabin and scientist later. "If do not have this paragraph of experience, I build 0 carbon impossibly to discharge the residence later. " Michael Er tells " international pioneer gazette " .
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