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Device of oil refining catalytic cracking uses stainless steel generally

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Machinery plant of Daqing petrifaction company produces a country from 1984 the first catalytic cracking since segregator of 3 class tornado, devote oneself to efficient long cycle all the time the exploratory study of segregator of 3 class tornado works. In recent years, this factory increases investment of research and development, built home the most advanced full automatic experiment of control tornado depart tests device, the test that passes researcher nearly 100 times, 3 sheet coming back manage the new-style structure discharging dirt that development gives to be liner with tall wear-resisting pottery and porcelain, urge masked buy to be cast first at was in Guangzhou petrifaction company last year in Feburary with, the dust in solving segregator of former steeliness tornado to move writtens guarantee corrupt jam problem, reducing while systematic pressing falls, increased sheet to provide treating capacity, make flue gas handled ability to raise 1.5 times above, achieved efficient reclaim flue gas energy, lengthen cigarette machine service life and the goal that reduce harmful material air to discharge.

Current, device of catalytic cracking of our country oil refining uses stainless steel liner generally segregator of 3 class tornado, because wearability of segregator of groovy steeliness tornado is poor, use fixed number of year is controlled for 6 years only. And the wearability that 3 sheet coming back are in charge of liner of new-style pottery and porcelain is steel material 10 times the left and right sides, service life can be lengthened to 15 to 20 years of above, have change the marked characteristic of convenient, economic rolled steel, annual but managing newer fare 100 million yuan of above.