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Establish stainless steel, aluminium magnesium and coal-bed spirit

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On Feburary 13, 2007, total bureau of national qualitative check and government of Shanxi province people were signed " stimulative Shanxi expands open to the outside world advance memorandum of new-style the sources of energy and collaboration of industrial base construction " () of abbreviation collaboration memorandum, the goal that defined bilateral collaboration, preferential domain and administrative mechanism. Job of the dominant estate development that this collaboration memorandum involves Shanxi, technology standardization, the sources of energy high grade industry, food and produce enlarge metric, major project, characteristic exit, mechanical and electrical products and high-tech product enlarge exit, foreign trade to involve environment, tourism, developing zone and port construction big, .

According to cooperative memorandum requirement, national emphasis gives aid to the development of Shanxi dominant industry, in catalogue item of Chinese famous brand setting respect gives policy to tilt, the key gives aid to the industry such as chemical industry of Shanxi the sources of energy, coal, metallurgy, equipment and material breeds product of Chinese famous brand. 2007, shanxi adds product of Chinese famous brand newly 6, add a country newly to avoid check product 8, already bred formed by 17 45 Chinese famous brand, countries avoid geography of 6 kinds of check product, countries the famous brand group of product of famous brand of 280 mark protection product, Shanxi.