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Stainless steel produces new technology and its characteristic

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In recent years, vigorous growth of fast of output of steel of broadband of our country hot-rolling, produced hot-rolling broadband steel in all 2007 eighty-six million nine hundred and thirty-seven thousand three hundred T, relatively 2006 (sixty-three million nine hundred and forty-one thousand two hundred T) grow 35.96 % ; Continued to grow quickly 2008, 1 ~ produced hot-rolling broadband in May forty-three million seven hundred and thirty-one thousand three hundred T, than last year the corresponding period (thirty-three million six hundred and ninety-three thousand five hundred T) increase 29.8 % , add panel height to give 17.3 percent than rolled steel crop, among them May crop 9.446 million tons, grow 31.5% compared to the same period, achieve hot-rolling board to coil the history of lunar output is new tall, that month day all crop also breaks through 300 thousand tons first, achieved 305 thousand tons. 2008 is our country hot-rolling board coils produce can a year when put into production centers quite, include already the boreal stage of put into production is 1780 aircrew, peaceful steel 1580 aircrew of 1580 aircrew, Tang Gang mix 1780 aircrew, Wu Gang Han Dan new gold 1250 aircrew, annual predicts to will have go into operation of 16 hot-rolling product line, new increase production can exceed 45 million tons. Of the product line crop as early days put into production release in succession, and be about to put into production is produced can increase, hot-rolling of later period home board roll crop amplitude will continue to maintain in higher level. Consider second half of the year is new 2008 the yield of aircrew of put into production can will release gradually, output of steel of annual hot-rolling broadband will achieve 113 million T likely.
And in last few years our country built large quantities of one broadband steel to heat up rolling mill centrally, of the amount, those who build career is fast, be in our country not only, also be all-time all over the world. Meanwhile, steel of our country broadband heats up the technology that join press hard against each other and equipment ability level to also obtain tremendous progress, its characteristic: Emperor high and steep crouchs the investment that makes 8  of Wu G come true from? outspread arrive from fine of molten iron pretreatment, molten steel Lian Zhu, arrive from steely metallurgy, forming finishing and the investment that deserve to send; 2 it is the level on technology and dimensions, introduced the set with the most advanced many now international not only, and the rolling line that built many to own and compositive technology, proper motion is designed and be made; 3 it is outline of product of hot-rolling broadband steel covered building materials, car, home appliance, mechanical, chemical industry and conduit generally to carry wait for utility, include to rush low alloy, high strenth, thin norms, greatly board, the high-end product of board form and ply dimension public errand and beautiful of exterior quality all
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