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Gejibenwei holds stainless steel market price to move smoothly

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Without the home such as stannum, Fosan Gejibenwei holds market price of stainless steel of main city district to move smoothly, market of domestic each district 200 departments and 400 departments price glide extent is lesser, 300 departments price has apparent dropping tendency. According to Lan Gegang market of iron information research center is monitored show, market quoted price is: Zhang Pu is produced cold roll 304/2B 0.8mm is 28000 yuan / ton, 2.0mm is 27800 yuan / ton; Too steel produces 304/2B 2.0mm to be 27800 yuan / ton; With norms Bao Gang produces market quoted price to be 25600 yuan / ton; Hot-rolling exit produces 4.0-6.0mm of 304.1 flat to be 27300 yuan / ton, too steel produces 304.1 to coil board 6.0mm is 27500 yuan / ton; 3.0mm of 430.1 flat is 9800 yuan / ton. Suffer market of stainless steel of near future home to clinch a deal low confused impact, wait for market price of domestic each district without stannum, Fosan case relatively photograph comparing carries smooth current last week, market whole clinchs a deal relatively delicate. Market businessman is right go for the market power is global relatively anxious, insufficient to the confidence of price get warm again after a cold spell of the market. The resources capacity that fastens each in the market additionally is more sufficient also, among them 200 departments and 300 departments product keep smooth, product of 40 departments section appears as before in short supply phenomenon, the price is bullish impetus is apparent. Whole of the market inside this foreign country clinchs a deal quantity relatively photograph comparing is relatively delicate last week, downstream user is wait-and-see breath is grumous. The market thinks prospective market value is short-term generally inside suffer raw material element and market to clinch a deal influence, or will with be being given priority to smoothly, additionally small glide trend.