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"Decorate undeserved " destroy a building aseismatic force

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The earthquake of arise suddenly, let people begin to examine the housing that Lai Yisheng puts afresh. A lot of people may not realize, a little change in decorating, affect the aseismatic ability of whole house possibly.

Decorate, what wall cannot be torn open

Song Ansheng of vice-chairman of association of Chinese interior decoration says, generally speaking, the aseismatic establishment of the building cuts floor of force wall, Lianghe in concrete structure centrally. If a house of first floor
Civilian main wall large area is removed, the aseismatic function that can cause this building is abate appear with bear stress unusual. If produce an earthquake, building body can produce integral collapse probably. Although first floor main wall is not demolished, the main wall of other floor is demolished, structure of building body stress also can become flimsy, the possibility that produces annihilative collapse still very big.

Be not main wall to also can be not torn open. Be not main wall is main wall is propped up all in ally, when producing an earthquake, bear together with main wall seismic force. If rectify the dweller of a building to be torn open at will,change blame main wall body, the aseismatic force that reduces building put oneself in another's position greatly.

The balcony puts cabinet and flowerpot less

Many house-owner are destroyed advocate the original door window between bedroom and balcony, eliminate battlements of one part wall, make narrow before bedroom space greatened. But, to the building of a few concrete wall body, may affect the aseismatic result of whole building.

Of balcony motherboard bear the weight of every square metre is force 200 kilograms of ~250 kilogram, if put the too heavy goods such as bookcase and flowerpot to the balcony, safety is spent also can reduce.

The building as string of 1 the top shoulds not be heavy

Chinese interior design learns secretary-general of Xi'an major committee to review advance says, when the earthquake, housetop and bridge often are most break down first those who come down, accordingly, the coping of the building is decorated not too complex, avoid to choose too heavy brittle perhaps material, the material that condole carries on the head had better choose to compare light.

The floor does not spread marble to some of resident chooses the stone material floor board such as heavier granite, marble in decorate, layer of overlay cement mortar, make the permanent load of floor increases, produce floor craze or the dangerous consequence that break off extremely easily. According to safe provision, building floor decorates the weight of material to must not exceed square metre of 40 kilograms of / , so the ply of ground stone laid should not exceed 2 centimeters.

Gas of water and electricity is transformed want discretion

Water, report, angry transform, divide practical outside, should consider to bring about leak of slack, leakage of electricity, gas natural gas to wait for the possibility of calamity 2 times more.
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