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Enter key industry project is in since June go into operation of Xining economy

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Xining of channel of xinhua net Qinghai on June 27 report
Enter since June, again project of two keys industry is built in go into operation of development of Xining economy technology.

These two projects are to produce per year aluminum foil of 12 thousand tons of electrons, 24 million square metre respectively high-powered in high pressure changes Cheng Bo project of project and ferrochrome of 200 thousand tons tall carbon. Produce per year aluminum foil of 12 thousand tons of electrons, 24 million square metre high-powered in high pressure turns Cheng Bo project is a country " 915 " during the project that the key is encouraged and supports and I save certain this year focal point industry develops a project, total investment achieves 1.25 billion yuan, cover an area of 513 mus, construction period is two years. After building go into operation, electronic aluminum foil, corrode foil, change Cheng Bo to wait produce per year will amount to 12 thousand tons; Gross area of 24 million square metre turn Cheng Bo project, predict year of sales revenue 1.62 billion yuan, profit 230 million yuan, can solve obtain employment of 1400 much people.

Natural resources of the chromite that project of ferrochrome of 200 thousand tons when invest 700 million yuan tall carbon relies on my province to abound, silica, anxious carbon, power and convenience traffic traffic condition and favourable policy, use pattern of modern business management, relying on long-term production chromium is the manufacturing experience of alloy, production has the metallurgy product of stronger competition ability. Regard production as the component that stainless steel product cannot be short of surely, after project building put into production, will achieve sales revenue 3.5 billion yuan, solve 1000 much person obtain employment of local at the same time, revenue of state of turn over to the higher authorities 180 million yuan.

Of these two projects carry out new to promoting me to save industrial garden area to develop material, make nonferrous metal base of profound treatment industry and accelerate me to save industrial industry structural adjustment, change economy grows way, promote an industry administrative levels and technical standard, advance me to save industrialization process and development loop economy, energy-saving decrease a platoon, increase resource integrated utilization rate have active sense. (Origin: Author of broadcasting station of Qinghai people broadcast: 10 thousand Ma are added)

Editor: Wang Dongqing