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Stainless steel is integrated content sheds a center

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Integrated content sheds stainless steel of Jiangsu province Dai Na central management committee uncovers a shop sign formally yesterday. The building of content shedding center also indicates the town is in a Dai Na that gives priority to with manufacturing industry contemporary service strode one stride on estate development. Deputy mayor Liu Li attends the ceremony that uncover a shop sign.

Regard the whole nation as the countryside of famous stainless steel, dai Na has base of solid stainless steel property. This town has stainless steel to produce a business many 1000, produce per year stainless steel goods 500 thousand tons.

Integrated content sheds Dai Na stainless steel the center trades with market of renewable resources of stainless steel green, stainless steel center of storage of city, content shedding is core, the raw material that for Dainade industry of area stainless steel provides antenatal is supplied, the integrated form a complete set such as sale of market of the technical service in producing, postpartum. This year on May 28, content shedding center is sent to change by the province appoint approval visits area of assemble of contemporary service line of business for Jiangsu.

The center flows in content, market of renewable resources of stainless steel green already developed the management pattern of a 5 areas, offer raw material to ensure for Dai Na and development of estate of circumjacent area stainless steel, become distribution centre of the throughout the country's biggest stainless steel raw material. Cover an area of 600 mus, the Chinese Dai Na stainless steel that always invests 600 million yuan trades city 2 period project comprehensive complete, for Dai Na and goods of circumjacent area stainless steel manufacturing company provided more capacious sale platform. In addition, the stainless steel that covers an area of 130 mus trades city other people sheds business affairs of storage center first phase project one area built in April 2007 hind, the whole nation is mixed except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan beyond Tibet, city of all and medium above can arrive, send a car from here everyday many 200, lunar content sheds handling capacity 66 thousand tons of above.