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Limited company of estate of stainless steel of Shenyang heart state

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Limited company of estate of stainless steel of Shenyang heart state

Producible: Austenite stainless steel; Ferrite stainless steel; Double photograph stainless steel; Precipitation sclerosis stainless steel;

The ingot that our company already developed now have:
Square ingot 0.74t, 1.4t, 1.7t;
Anise ingot 1t, 1.2t, 1.5t, 1.7t, 2.0t, 3.8t;
Flat ingot 3.2t

As the demand of the market, the ingot that we believe to be able to develop more norms, the equipment ability according to our company but the largest sheet of mould raises ≤ of steel ingot weight 18 tons. Can design all sorts of form for the client (circle, abnormity) the metal pattern cast that remelting of electric broken bits uses.
Standard according to Chinese GB; American ASTM; Japanese JIS, the national level such as German DIN is produced.

Stainless steel is product of dominant of limited company of estate of stainless steel of Shenyang heart state: Our company use vacuum of the refine at the beginning of the world's advanced electric stove, VOD to blow casting of oxygen fine, model to become the engineering technology of ingot. The abbreviation that the vacuum that VOD law is stainless steel plays oxygen fine way (Vacuum Oxygen Decariborization) , the new technology of stainless steel smelt that fastens confederative Germany the Kingdom of Wei to ascend special steelworks and standard to stride search firm to developed a success jointly 1967 equips. In recent years, the superior performance fighting corrode that exceeds pure ferrite stainless steel as what exceed content of low carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and treatment function, be known to reach the shortage of resource of our country nickel by people gradually, VOD law serves as producible the fine measure that exceeds pure stainless steel, getting increasingly of broad metallurgy worker take seriously.