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Building site blows up slungshot is bungled wear hotel glass, within an inch of

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Near building site one hotel 4 buildings pane is attacked to break by slungshot.

Construction building site. Reporter Zhang Jinqi is photographed

"Very fearsome, on a footpath before 78 jins of heavy rock are bungled in my retail sales, within an inch of breaks a passerby in. "Last night at 9 o'clock, renown capital faces Hua Yu of stone bridge shop lady of river of merchant of market trader shop says to the reporter.

1 hour ago, building site of a line does 10 meters of subways outside blow up, slungshot falls on the footpath outside safe fender. Upper part of Ms. Jiang appearance hotel of one business affairs 4 buildings pane, the deficit that also is broken 30 centimeters to give one diameter. In the evening at 9 o'clock, the reporter sees, still have on footpath did not sweep only gravel and sand.

Lady of king of one shoemaker counterjumper says next door Ms. Jiang, fly at the door slungshot face inn together at that time, the stainless steel armrest that attends vitreous door is bungled, guard a gate a fanner breaks the mouth bad. She says, " of Sha Shiyu of a " fell on this 100 meters long a section of a highway, citizen of the associate with on footpath is very much, favour gets hurt without personnel.

"At that time slam-bang, I hear Ca of the Ka inside the room makes sound, push open the door to look, pane is bungled to give a large deficit. "China eaves name the security personnel of hotel of capital business affairs Mr Zhu says, the hotel relies on guest room of driveway a side to do not have a person fortunately.

The reporter comes to building site doorway, bridge of stone of a line spreads responsible subway mark paragraph in iron ministry of 11 bureaus project is on duty Chang'an gentleman says, they blow up in underground, a few sanded stone fly to footpath. To hotel and the loss of the appearance that face a market, the company investigates days the compensate after checking to pay. Construction group also will take step, construction the influence falls lowest.

(Reporter Chen Jun reported at 10 o'clock last night)