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Information of outfit of home of life home summer lets beauty is returned than t

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The summer because too dry or air is too humid phenomenon of weather of two kinds of extremes, be not considered as the good season of an outfit all along. A lot of people think spring, autumn just is the gold season that decorate, decorate in the summer actually, want to had handled the issue that should note only, will do each work according to working procedure of normal construction craft, construction, also can make the project that makes you satisfactory likewise. Life wife and children is made up for you home of integrated and various summer holds information, make you relaxed put on comfortable love mew.

Design between contemporary Wei Yu, buckling this one theme closely just about and undertake. Generally speaking, besides reasonable space shower room, decrease relieve the bowls, wash bath, wash clothes and make up besides the condition such as the mutual interference that washs a face, still should notice collocation of integral function layout, colour, wholesome clean provides the essentials such as choice and little thing form a complete set.

Naturalistic, it is the design style with the at present strongest limelight undoubtedly, it not only body is chosen character in material now, on implemental modelling and colour fixed position, more those who reflect the program in the space and artistic conception build on. In gray city, green is the heart is the most cheerful comfort book. The scenery outside is admired slowly when bathing, outside entering a window when systemic heart Dou Rong that fresh and green in, your feeling can wave along with gentle breeze whereto... natural is the United States, its beauty depends on going sedulous carve, seek harmony however, do not have the ill will of a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, have real taste however.

Below concise and liberal guiding ideology, adopt " L " form layout, the space is broken up on the illicit close form that broke Wei Yu to close overly; Upright and foursquare and wide bath crock is put in the window lower part, store ground of content wearing semmetry is erect in washstand both sides, what developing in one's heart with a kind of plain, friendly gesture is decorous.


In the bathroom of naturalistic style, no matter furniture modelling is stocky massiness, lightsome still and address, simple and unadorned even good, real wood is irreplaceable first selection material qualitative. Because be a bathroom, total meeting has some of humidity, must noticing to choose the furniture that passes moistureproof processing in the begining so, lest future trouble.


See the landscape that must see, it is the most absorbing element in the bathroom. Shadow of cloud of outdoor plant, daylight is introduced to defend bath in the space, need not be gone after painstakingly, can get a kind of bath is in nature, the feeling of day person syncretic. Such bathroom, the area of only leaf window must quite great gift is nice.

Although little space need not be gone after costly, but same need is in achieve main demand while, finish aesthetic the appeal that go up. Calculating the area between Wei Yu is not very big, also can design very chicly. Ably applied partition distinguishs area of wash one's hands and face and shower, what revealed toilet adequately is neat and orderly, apply in the space on more appear agile and compact; The application of waterproof floor reflected woodiness the nature of whole toilet, easy; Colour still with pure give priority to tone, large area ground uses color of Meng of white He Ning, look clean and be full of spark.
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