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Japan exported useless stainless steel May 28 thousand tons

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Japanese exit abandoned stainless steel May 28 thousand tons, annulus comparing drops 30.9 % (was forty thousand five hundred tons April) , fall after a rise came this year 2, the level March. Because the exit to Korea and China is measured,the fall that exit of Japanese useless stainless steel measured May basically is decrease considerably cause. April, japan exports a quantity to be 28 thousand tons about to the useless stainless steel of Korea, but fell however May reached eighteen thousand five hundred tons, annulus comparing drops considerably 32.5 % , but as higher than still be in as before a few phase level. Japan is exported to useless stainless steel of China 4, successive May two months drop, fell May reached 10 thousand tons the following. The average export unit price of useless May stainless steel is 222 thousand yen / ton (FOB, japan) , annulus comparing drops 11.9 % .

Exit of Japan of before 5 months abandons stainless steel one hundred and thirty-nine thousand four hundred tons, grow 29.3 % compared to the same period (on year the corresponding period is one hundred and seven thousand seven hundred tons) , export sixty-five thousand seven hundred tons to Korea among them, export sixty-two thousand five hundred tons to China. Accordingly, japan of before 5 months exports quantity prep above to be measured to the exit of Korea to useless stainless steel of China. May, japan abandons stainless steel to Taiwan exit 1127 tons, total of before 5 months exports 5762 tons to Taiwan, achieved the top level since 2002. Japan is in the corresponding period did not export useless stainless steel to Taiwan last year.