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Clean of daily expense hardware provides faucet more and more good-looking

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, a few families may spend 1000 yuan to buy a clean to provide only, however Hua Moyuan matched faucet. The group is protected in hutch, every time innovation lets a person unaware it seems that, this year, hutch defends the change in the product the biggest should belong to faucet, on the foundation of section water, modelling of its interest meaning and function of science and technology let person hearten. This year, r of e of w of o of h of S of d of e of t of J e t , get and amount to, the barometer that the newest design of the brand such as Hansigeya became this industry, we see, each product abides by the design of human body engineering, can enjoy not only complete comfortable and loosen, consider to help somebody attain his aim as much in tiny part. The exterior design of many products looks a little can fancy, for instance you can see the modelling of faucet resembles the flower that be in bud, some flowers asperse shower nozzle to resemble extremely the portable phone of a high-tech, to this, fashionably will seek someone this kind additional kind after style a general designation is stylish. Smoke outfit of the design that helps style, shallow basin design, unifinication wall to wait for the new group faucet that pays attention to appearance and structural design feeling and product sense of humor, was joined at the same time increasing function is changed, the design of high-tech.

Take care of section water and health

This year, graves creates the · of Er of Michael of design Great Master with famous vessel of the vessel on building and products plan get and amount to series faucet, function more hasten human nature is changed. He lets kitchen faucet contain first inside buy type rotates bubbly implement, bathroom faucet deserves to proportional lamp is acted the role of wait with black dish.

Now, no matter be the d of e of t of J e t that look brand-new 1800 eject of r of e of w of S h o shower series, still be gotten and amount to " need not clutch, although the effort of the artifice is OK also switch " , " shut time of switch of bibcock delay time to be more than 10 second oneself " the processing that waits for a function, reflect the human nature that gives in every possible way to show loving care for; The public bibcock with handsome model also is going morely into the guest of people to use Wei Yu, science of its peculiar current limliting device restricts discharge (when the standard is hydraulic, discharge is 1 . 9 litres of / minute, the 1 / that is common faucet flow 4) , of course, health and section water are coequal and important.

Clew: The cent of section water effect of new-style bibcock is mixed for 10 % , 20 % , 30 % 40 % 4 kinds; Shower implement the largest flow is not more than every second 0. 5 litres.

Science and technology shows body faucet

Of high-tech apply make faucet function becomes more practical and interesting.

A of Hansigeya " flying rain " shower flower is aspersed, used technology of advanced cut of air motive force, not only can spend through adjusting asperse make air becomes current cut different figure, come the feeling such as imitate rainwater, chute, still can receive air mix stream, such, if from inside faucet spew gives the water that 1 rises, shower person produce 4 premium possibly to rush drench the feeling to the body, already managing with water, make a person can sufficient enjoy the fun of bath again.
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