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Stainless steel demand perplexes human relations nickel continuously

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Because the market is right,the demand reductive of stainless steel manufacturer is anxious to warm up ceaselessly, this has fathered to affect near future of human relations nickel again go situation. Although 3 months come to inventory drop continuously,make an appointment with 17% , but this is right also of nickel price had gone to be without a help, be less than the time of 4 months, its drop had achieved about 5 into. Zhou Wulun nickel dish in defeat comes to two years low. The analyst is relatively hopeful to performance of the city after nickel price nevertheless, think at present this paragraph because consumer anticipates nickel to valence will glide further and defer those who buy behavior to bring about,gliding is more, still will get ever since of the main area element such as inventory prop up and get warm again after a cold spell.

Breed of the others metal goes up drop each other shows, the accident that cupreous aluminium is ordered the United States to be occupied oddly by fast in June material grows and have a bit rebound, nevertheless zincic price still is in slowgoing drop.

MNI3 of nickel of 3 lunar period is low see 18250 dollars, to came in June 2006 lowest, end of a show receives a reply 18450 dollars, zhou Si receives 18800 dollars of newspaper.

MCU3 of copper of 3 lunar period receives a reply 7956 dollars, zhou Si signs up for 7900 dollars.

Aluminous MAL3 of 3 lunar period rises from 2951 dollars to 2970 dollars.

MSN3 of stannum of 3 lunar period drops to 22300 dollars, zhou Si receives 22350 dollars of newspaper.

MZN3 of zinc of 3 lunar period drops to 1845 dollars by 1860 dollars.

MPB3 of lead of 3 lunar period receives a reply 2115 dollars, zhou Si receives 2170 dollars of newspaper.