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High-quality goods sucks lampblack machine to recommend

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If what everybody sees in the market, the brand that takes lampblack chance is spent centrally quite tall, square too, boss, shuai Kang, china emperor belong to brand of a gleam of, resemble oriental cherry, heart meaning attribute second line to body of advance of a gleam of in the center. The lampblack machine product of these brands is beautiful Huan beauty admittedly shine, but be in Guangdong actually, zhejiang two ground manufacture a few medium or small the product of the manufacturer of major of machine of oil absorption cigarette, pledge from material, industrial design, each respect such as the function will tell actually inferior at above big shop sign, the agency that has experience can disentomb with long-term vision new product natural resources is slender do, the face recommends a few high-quality goods to take lampblack chance to everybody below. (more high-quality goods clicks channel of machine of cigarette of oil absorption of Hui Cong home appliance please)

The deal on the net has a risk, suggest first selection has through attestation, , the Hui Cong buying and selling of the mark tells a member.

Recommend a supplier: Xi Ge is electric (China) limited company

CXW-238-3DYA of machine of oil absorption cigarette is red

Brand: Xi Ge model: CXW-238-3DYA is red

Current price: 2726 yuan / stage

The smallest order: 1

Offer goods gross: 1000

Deliver goods deadline: Deliver goods inside 10 days

Seat: The Fujian Province 3 yuan of Ou Fuxing districts of 3 bright city 31

Suffer attention to spend:

Product introduction:

1, integral drawing shapes, without juncture cleaner;

2, use data of complete stainless steel, face plate black (gules) toughened glass;

3, 3 designs that take wind, of original creation low an installation design, low take wind, smoking is cleaner, there is content to enter respiratory system in putting an end to lampblack;

4, design of oily net of double deck filter, unpick and wash is more convenient;

5, pull type grease cup easily, clear more convenient;

6, use ball type bearing, jing Yin savors the life.