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Hongyu machinery will become a marine valve of stainless steel ingots

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Late autumn, the reporter in Inner Mongolia Hongyu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Wengniute see casting workshop, a block of stainless steel ingot after melting, injection mold, into a delicate marine valves, exported to South Korea and Japan. Last year, Hongyu precision machinery companies to pre-investment Wengniute three concerns: a fear of not mechanics, second, fear of financial difficulties, fear of not supporting the three knives. Park carries nanny services, so businesses and workers to contact the school to establish a labor; communicate with the bank to obtain a loan commitment; in Chifeng to find a cutting tool supplier to ensure the supply of consumable cutting tools. Yulong industrial park enterprises to settle after being touched by the sincere service the park, take the initiative back to Dalian for the park investment. Jincheng total investment of 7 billion of heavy industrial projects located in the Park soon. Subsequently, Hongyu ships, Port Arthur heavy machinery, Yide technology supporting 8 Jincheng Heavy enterprises settled in the Yulong industrial park with a total investment of 9.5 billion.