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World-class high-strength stainless steel body in Hong Kong subway car came nor

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Recently, the long-off of shares the company successful completion of the Hong Kong MTR steel truck and trailer body static strength test, test results are better than European standards, including the vertical static load of 150 tons, 80 tons of much better than the level of domestic vehicles, The Hong Kong subway car in the system to become the world body strength to reach the highest standards of stainless steel-A subway car. The contract in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway, CNR MTR to be 10 kinds of static strength test conditions, four kinds of fatigue test conditions and 2 crash test conditions, this is a long-off for decades the number of shares of the company developed Ten City Track products, test requirements up to working conditions, most complete a project. CNR built the company for this high standard technology platform for the Hong Kong subway car test, in March 2009, research and development company based in Hong Kong in Simulation Laboratory Rail Project with the strongest of the simulation team. In the shortest possible time, established a perfect finite element model, according to "The more nodes, the local details of the model reflect the more realistic" theory, finite element model of a size To 200 million nodes and elements. In more than a year and dozens of rounds of simulation calculation, the long-off of shares to the original design made dozens of changes to better reflect the design, simulation, test, test Validation loop design ideas. Also designed and manufactured in the shortest time static strength test of 10 sets of tooling, to ensure the smooth progress of static strength test, the static strength test procedures and test results have been made of users and monitoring of foreign Recognition. In Hong Kong subway car truck and trailer body steel structure of both static strength test, the Hong Kong Railway bogie vertical static load has reached 150 tons of the contract requirements, and the general standard of the domestic subway cars were 80 tons. Hong Kong MTR vehicles, Body static strength test, indicating that the CNR CNR research company fully equipped with the ability of high-strength stainless steel body.