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Sinopec first stainless steel ethylene oxide storage station put into operati

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November 9, the annual storage capacity of 20 tons, total investment of 60 million yuan of Yangzi Petrochemical Ethylene oxide storage stood successfully put into operation in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park. Storage Station of the China Petrochemical precedent, the first to use stainless steel high temperature and high Pressure tank designed to effectively prevent the polymerization of ethylene oxide products, ensuring product quality. Meanwhile, the storage station of ethylene oxide from the Yangzi Petrochemical plant area of about 4 km, is the most long-distance transport of ethylene oxide The storage system. The first afternoon of November 10 ethylene oxide products successfully loading the library. YPC ethylene oxide with the continuous expansion of the system transformation, and the surrounding areas of Nanjing chemical industry, in particular the introduction of Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park Project and the increasing outsourcing of users to increase ethylene oxide, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park on the Yangtze ethylene oxide growing demand for products will increase from the 3 million tons to 16 tons. Therefore, last year, Yangzi Petrochemical investment 60 million yuan building a new park in the chemical ethylene oxide storage station. However, the ethylene oxide is one of the first implementation of the permit production of hazardous chemicals, because of its volatile, flammable and explosive properties, the state of ethylene oxide production, storage, transportation, there are stringent regulations and requirements. Ethylene oxide for the high-quality products sent to the Chemical Industrial Park, Yangzi Ethylene Oxide Storage Station Sinopec first of its kind, the first high temperature and high pressure tanks made of stainless steel design. Yangzi Petrochemical Engineering Company, according to technical personnel, stainless steel high Temperature and high pressure storage tank to avoid the polymerization of ethylene oxide products, effective guarantee product quality, but its not cheap. Therefore, the storage station is the first Sinopec is also the first stainless steel high temperature and pressure, Jiangsu Province, storage and transportation stations. But the stainless steel tank construction technology and construction quality requirements are very high, especially demanding welding process. To this end, Yangzi Petrochemical specialized organizations capable team, the whole process of full participation in all directions, the company provides secondary Over violations of the disciplinary process or the cold and interest rates remain less than 96% of all stop the welding qualifications. Meanwhile, Sinopec Yangzi Petrochemical Tank welding using a stainless steel anti-distortion measures to fine-tune the weld gap, to prevent the weld after the change Shape. The strict quality and safety standards, the two ethylene oxide storage tank station weld pass rates remain at 99%. Storage Station on March 18 this year, the completion of the cross. Chemical Industry Park, Yangzi Petrochemical storage station is the production of ethylene oxide unit area about 4 km pipeline to transport the period required, due to ethylene oxide inflammable, explosive, volatile, high risk and require cold storage and distribution, operation Very difficult. Ethylene oxide storage station in order to ensure safety and quality drive the success of a one-time, Yangzi Petrochemical Logistics, olefins plant, works closely with companies and other units to actively participate in the "three check four-set" and the last term rectification. Young Son Petrochemical to "stand-alone test to early, cleaning purge air tightness to strict linkage test to all, put to trial to be stable," the principle of optimizing their programs and networks to drive progress. YPC seriously setting process to ensure that water, Electricity, gas system is operating normally, the old storage station at night from November 8 to stop loading, November 9th beginning station to the new storage transport of ethylene oxide. Since then, successfully bid for the new station with storage, and in the afternoon of November 10 loading shipments . Currently, the Chemical Industrial Park received per hour of ethylene oxide ethylene oxide storage station is about 10 tons of product delivery is expected in December of ethylene oxide Yangzi Petrochemical refining the new tower is put into use, the throughput will double.