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The small spoon of two stainless steel

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Eye frost and eye are stuck can manage piscine end grain, pouch and black group

Because canthus appeared,a lot of people use eye frostlike powder is the first microgroove, or eyelid dropsy, have apparent black rim of the eye or pouch. But to furrow, black rim of the eye and pouch, the frost that use an eye can prevent eye ministry only more apace ageing, be equivalent to " mend the fold after a sheep is lost " . So, the optimal opportunity that sticks with eye frost and eye is to be in when furrow, pouch and black rim of the eye still do not have generation, nip in the bud!

Need to use eye frost and eye to stick in canthus only

Because canthus appeared,the frost that use an eye is piscine end grain, but you know to go up, is the ageing of next eyelid earlier than canthus? Grain ignored the piscine end that does not do not have canthus because of the symptom to maintain to theirs apparently. And because eye ministry skin is paper-thin, eye frost is used too much not only cannot absorb, can create a burden instead, quicken skin consenescence. Use gram measurement only every time so " two " OK. Remember, besmear eye frost besmears again first cream, besmear cream when must sheer the skin all round the eye! Additional