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Cost demand chooses steel of steel price treasure together 3 quarters carry vale

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Oriental net on June 7 message: Anticipate the left and right sides increased the treasure steel share of 3 quarters price on May 20 all the time, near future of it is reported already had undertaken oral announcement with relevant client, raise price by different product 300 yuan - 600 yuan / ton, but aseismatic the rolled steel that provide disaster relief won't rise in price. So far, treasure steel share " be late " 3 quarters carry valence to be knocked basically calm. Suffer this message effect, yesterday of treasure steel stock rose 2.34% , all appear steel of fierce steel, Tang Gang, aid small rise.

Concerned industry analyst thinks, since this year, cost rises considerably before exceeding, the market anticipates, suffer at the same time abstruse
Carry drawing near, iron and steel is restricted to produce wait for element influence, in demand pull move below, steel price rises is a kind of trend.

Cost, demand pushs steel price together

Iron ore rises in price, coke price blazes new trails ceaselessly tall, the cost of steely industry is rising ceaselessly. The Duan Zhenjun of capital negotiable securities expresses, coke has 1200 yuan only in average 2007 price / ton, rise continuously this year, the price of current coke already rose to 2400 yuan / ton, ton steel cost about relatively raised 500 yuan last year / ton; At the same time abroad this year iron ore length sheet rises in price 65% , before 4 mean monthly C.I.F is 130 dollars / ton (amount to 1065 yuan / ton) , ton of steel cost of steel look forward to because this raised 400 yuan or so again. Cost rises ceaselessly, steely industry must raise producer price.

The market worries about steel price demand or because of rise in price and be being squelched, but the analytic report of negotiable securities of the Yangtse River thinks, in light of the data that waits from machine of car of the downstream and main industry that use steel, project, although profit differs because of cost rises and appearing of degree glide, but have not appear the evidence that produces can apparent systole. Although steely demand did not increase apparently, but supply a face to appear slant tight situation, the Olympic Games is restricted to produce is the effect that has add fuel to the fire more.

In addition, price of international rolled steel appears two digit to rise, price of steel of predicting England of association of stockholder of British nation steel 3 quarters rise 500 dollars / or so tons. This becomes another when domestic steel price rises main factor.

Industry profit margin rises somewhat

According to concerning data statistic, domestic key is steely in April before this year industry profit achieves sales revenue eight hundred and eighteen billion three hundred and eighty-five million yuan, grow 38.3% compared to the same period; Implementation profit total sixty-one billion eight hundred and forteen million yuan, grow 21.36% compared to the same period. Only in April month realizes net profit eighteen billion and forty-four million yuan, grow 22.7% compared to the same period, although annulus comparing drops 3.1 billion yuan, but Oriental negotiable securities is senior industry analyst Yang Baofeng thinks, as a result of the bibcock enterprise such as steel of near future treasure 3 quarters raise price, 3 quarters and price of steel of home of second half of the year will maintain perch to move, predict ability of steely industry profit will maintain perch. Iron and steel appears on the market first quarter profit of company implementation net 43.77 billion yuan, predict 2 quarters will grow 31.6% compared to the same period, achieve 57 billion yuan, company of bibcock iron and steel may purchase channel advantage because of having raw material, will achieve rapidder growth.
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