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Tattoo the skin restore ancient ways stream! SamSung ten million makes work only

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SamSung I100 used classical silver-colored black collocation, stainless steel airframe, simple sense is very good, and very show class, and the brainpan of slip type lens that camera lens uses the lacy pattern that argent face plate still matchs to have Chinese type to compare popularity at present, lest,can protect camera lens well cut, also assured to take a picture speed.

In airframe bulk respect, blue air I100 can say to be controlled very cabinetly, over all dimension is 94.5 × 59.6 × 21.3mm. And tie-in the face plate of the stainless steel that pull silk of its airframe, in use sees besmirch not easily also. The weight of 116 grams is lighter, facilitate carry.

I100 of blue air of hardware respect SamSung uses 1/2.33 inch the 10.2 million CCD that resembles element, 3 times tie-inner the SamSung of optical scorch goes camera lens looking at type, actual focus is 6.7 - 20.1mm, support 1 centimeter super- small be apart from right anxious, inside buy flashlight, shutter speed reachs 1-1/1500 second, have an electron to prevent shake a function.

I100 of blue air of viewfinder respect SamSung is used 230 thousand like element 3 inches TFT LCD displays screen, have automatic ISO 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200 (use under 3M) . The memory of 256MB of the buy inside the machine, what support SDHC/MMC/SD card is patulous.

Ten million of I100 of SamSung blue air displays screen function like element and large size perfectly, and the design of decorative pattern restoring ancient ways is to grab an eye more, regretful nevertheless is only the optical scorch of 3 times and the inadequacy that extensive role carries, price 2380 yuan (travel goods) do not have too high gender price to compare.