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The bucket inside stainless steel

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To washing machine industry, its sell busy season to came in October commonly second year in March, the sale that looking now so is washing machine market is off-season. Data shows, busy season passes, the attention of washing machine market is spent appear piece drop trend. According to selling a feedback, in washing machine sale normally off-season works chamber of commerce is done a few depreciate sales promotion activity will handle stock. Accordingly, to the consumer of new residence of move to a better place or have a promotion, can saying now is buy an opportunity superexcellently.

Find the model that fits oneself to facilitate everybody is selling, net of home appliance of 10 thousand dimension arranges 10 to sell a best-selling impeller washing machine and 10 platen washing machine to everybody. This period what roll out to everybody is " best-selling impeller washing machine " piece.

Review sell the impeller on field washing machine at present, because the price is reasonable, use convenient, plus manufacturer new technology upgrade ceaselessly, make the attention rate of impeller washing machine did not fall to go up instead.