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"Stainless steel of golden smelt metal " : Be certain the market gains business

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Through build the entrance door that has waviness factory card, can see far inside orderly workshop, grandiose, air, the stainless steel of Zhejiang gold smelt metal that this covers an area of an area to achieve 220 mus namely makes limited company give the first sense of the person. "The enterprise should be done do greatly strong, hardware facilities is admittedly principal, but want can accurate market pulse, the product that lets oneself can follow the market to go, just be the crucial seat that the company grows. " a word of this company controller, the dot is clear " Jin Ye stainless steel " develop a concept,
Plant because of this just about concept, this company is new preparatory cold rolling stainless steel board product line be about to put into production, this always invests 100 million yuan, the product line that produces ply to be thin plate of 0.08 millimeter cold rolling, the product that it is IT, accurate instrument is made etc provided raw material.

Production limited company of stainless steel of golden smelt metal is from make metallurgy commerce make one's fortune, 2005, company controller begins him to build a factory to produce stainless steel, form the network of an organic whole of produce and sale. With " Jin Ye stainless steel " sell a network, entering stainless steel is not a difficult issue in the market, but making a brand-new brand win position in the market is not an easy thing however. All things start is bad, when the enterprise just held water, personnel of company high level is ceaseless flounder at the whole nation each stainless steel produce a business, in management, quality control respect learns ceaselessly, fumble market of experience, research is moved toward ceaselessly, the edge buys equipment edge to build factory building, had done not have how many time, "Stainless steel of golden smelt metal " already took shape, stainless steel produces per year a quantity to also rise in year after year. Can be in area of north of short for Zhejiang Province, the business that stainless steel produces is very much, how to let an enterprise reach another height, become the reflection with decision-making new layer direction.

Pass the market judgement of acumen, "Stainless steel of golden smelt metal " the development direction that made clear oneself, had the product with market old demand dilate is produced not only, be opposite at the same time " tall careful " the new product of the domain, new technology undertook introduce and study. As a large stainless steel material produces a business, use angle steel to shipbuilding from angle iron of electric power iron tower, use chip to IT from heavy-duty and mechanical equipment, arrive from electric equipment appliance outside the building the wall decorates material... the product that Jin Ye stainless steel makes limited company serves as indispensable raw material by more and more apply at each widely big field. Company subordinate 3 wholy-owned enterprises year angle iron of steel of producible stainless steel, carbon 250 thousand tons; 200, 300, the stainless steel cold rolling of 400 series board 250 thousand tons (it is BA board 60 thousand tons among them) ; Cut treatment what of all kinds steel plants is medium thick board, cold rolling of steel of of all kinds carbon board, stainless steel cold rolling board wait for 200 thousand tons. This year 1 to July, stainless steel of golden smelt metal makes limited company total output value achieve 671 million yuan, profit tax 38.78 million yuan, company sales revenue and profit tax with annual the speed of 30% increases by degrees.
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