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Futures of the East China Sea is early on August 6 dish forecast

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Concussion of option market of soybean of Zhou Er CBOT closes drop, although noon appears technical rebound, but benefit empty weather and circumjacent market impact make soja period price bear approach fall after a rise. In November soja closing quotation 1269 cent, drop 26 cent. This morning beautiful electron dish small low an extensive is green, maintain weak momentum, predict inside dish legume accumulative total drops twice stop board hind will have technical adjust prices to appear, zhou Er of merchandise on hand of legume of together with home reduces quoted price considerably once more, predict short-term inside weak situation changes hard, passageway of be issued to lower levels will still be maintained to move after adjusting. On the operation, legume maintains nominal train of thought, this Zhou Xu avoid is technical the risk of the callback, the hand is hollow odd choose machine gains profit from, brunt contract can come 5 days in period price callback all near the line hind meet once more tall buy is empty, look to be moved less more otherwise, avoid rebounds risk. At present A0901 is propped up 4030, pressure 4300; M0901 is propped up 3350, pressure 3600; Y0901 is propped up 8920, pressure 9600

Abroad express:

Copper, aluminous, zinc

Dish before comment:

Liu Yun: Zhou Erhu metal considerably concussion drops, shanghai zinc drops stop a newspaper to close. Premium of 400- of premium of Shanghai copper merchandise on hand 500; Period copper inside and outside dish real time rate of exchange 7.74. Cu0810 short-term resistance 60000; Zn0810 short-term resistance 14800; Al0810 short-term resistance 18900.

Basic metal closing quotation holds Zhou Er LME firm, before this a few trade after day fund makes the same score a storehouse in great quantities, the market is in hand in cast concussion Ju Danjing. LME copper inventory increases 2550 tons to reach 148750 tons; Aluminium increases reduce 575 tons to reach 1123700 tons, zinc increases 2500 reach 161825 tons. Integrated copper keeps 7610 dollars / ton, aluminium rises 55 close 2905, zinc rises 4 close 1764 (with before trade day of Beijing 15 Shi Hujin belongs to closing quotation hour to contrast) . On the technology, human relations copper is short-term in March obstruction 7900; Aluminous obstruction 2950; Zincic shake obstruction 1850. Chu Wei of Zhou Ermei couplet maintains 2% interest rate changeless, the dollar is strong, the statement after the meeting emphasized inflation and risk of economic be issued to lower levels.

After the metal encounters heavy defeat, maintain low a concussion, market person energy of life is exhausted weak, short-term will keep weak force structure. On the operation, cupreous zinc is available odd can have set stop be filled with hold, aluminous empty Chan Yi leaves.

Abroad express:

LME period copper rebounds from 6 months low, after city looks weak

London on August 5 report---London metal bourse (Zhou Er of LME) period copper is answered firm, dish in for a time defeat comes 6 months low, period zinc is in touch after of two years of half low is cut drop, but the worry that glides to reach disaster pair of industrial metal demand to global economy lasts. CLc1 of futures of American crude oil drops to the 3 months low of every pails of 118 dollars, because of the the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is supplied increase and Euramerican demand hasten is exhausted, this also dash forward showed the market to be opposite the worry of macroscopical economy foreground. MCU3 of copper of 3 lunar period receives a reply 7, 620/7, 625, zhou Yi receives a reply 7, 610 dollars, dish metaphase copper for a time defeat comes 7, the 6 months low of 530 dollars, because its inventory is added,come to came in Feburary highest. Trade business still is awaiting American federal to lay in council (FED, beautiful couplet store) the interest rate that will issue at 1815GMT is decision-making. The market anticipates beautiful couplet store will keep interest rate at 2% changeless, but the market will examine meeting after statement carefully, in order to seek the clue of American economy constitution. MZN3 of zinc of 3 lunar period for a time defeat comes two years half low 1, 730 dollars, end of a show receives a reply 1, 746 dollars, zhou Yi receives a reply 1, 769 dollars, zincic stock rises 2, 500 tons, to since September 2006 apogee 161, 825 tons. Ba Kelai capital reports in research middle finger goes out, inventory raises price of will farther depress. MNI3 of nickel of 3 lunar period is low see 17, two years of lowest of 450 dollars, end of a show receives a reply 17, 600 dollars, zhou Yi receives a reply 18, 025 dollars. Period nickel from this year exalted 35, 950 dollars already steeped fall 50% , because the market digested stainless steel,manufacturing business needs the factor with low beg to surrender. MPB3 of lead of 3 lunar period by 2 of Zhou Yi closing quotation, 000 dollars rise to 2, 015 dollars. MSN3 of stannum of 3 lunar period by 20, 600 dollars fall to 20, the two months low of 100 dollars. Period aluminium MAL3 is held firm, newspaper 2, 900 dollars, 2 of closing quotation of prep above Zhou Yi, 882 dollars.
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