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Congress of stainless steel of the 3rd China International

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Stainless steel is the in short supply breed of market of our country rolled steel, its supply and demand is far apart, the product needs a large number of imports, 2001, consumption of apparent of Chinese stainless steel achieved 2.25 million tons, grew 30% than 2000, exceed the United States thereby, become the biggest stainless steel on the world to consume a country; The apparent consumption first half of the year already achieved 1.4 million tons this year, predicting annual consumption will amount to 2.8 million tons. However, face home market the high demand to stainless steel, industry of Chinese stainless steel produces craft, deep processing technique, application development, breed and quality respect to still existing in its certain difference.

To promote the development of industry of Chinese stainless steel, raise the production of stainless steel product and processing technique level, popularize the applied field of stainless steel, the communication that industry of stainless steel of stimulative home international is producing the field such as technology of value of commerce, market, consumption application, equipment and producer goods and collaboration, decision of branch of stainless steel of association of special steel of branch of industry of metallurgy of stimulative commission of trade of association of Chinese iron and steel industry, China International and China was in Shanghai to be held on schedule in May 2003 2003 " " of congress of stainless steel of China International of the 3rd Shanghai; Meanwhile, "" of exhibition of stainless steel of international of the 3rd Shanghai also will be held in Shanghai. The conference and exhibition cooperate to hold, be stainless steel bound again great communication activity. Before two congress all obtained expectant result, report of global delegate attending the meeting is favorable; Eagerly the delegate that ginseng signing up meets comes from more than 10 countries such as China, France, Austria, Russia, Germany, Canada, Finnish, Singapore, Italy, Korea, south Africa, Luxembourg, United States, Belgian, Hong Kong, Taiwan and area respectively.

Congress basically will communicate delibrate the following content:
Supply and demand of the manufacturing consumption of stainless steel, market and trade situation are analysed;
Stainless steel is produced and machine the newest engineering technology of the respect;
Stainless steel uses the research of the domain and development;
Stainless steel production uses raw material;

Already accepted circumstance of invitation speech of global specially invite to be as follows at present:

1.The application of Chinese stainless steel reachs market demand
- - branch of stainless steel of association of industry of Chinese special steel is standing chairman plum becomes a gentleman
2.The relevant policy that industry of Chinese stainless steel develops
- - national classics trade appoint deputy director general of economic moving bureau Mr Gu Yinsong
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