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Exposition of stainless steel goods

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Came 28 days on September 26 this year, thirteenth Chinese hardware exposition will be in always Kang Ru period is held. Chinese hardware exposition begins to hold from 1996, till last year, already successive success held 12. Since reforming and opening, always health put forward to make the throughout the country famous " hardware famous city " , do make the region economy that is characteristic by force with hardware industry greatly. The course is bred for years, always Kang Chong reveals a measure numerous, vigor 4 quantitative metals industry group, form goods of dynamoelectric tool, weighing apparatus, nonferrous metal, small home appliance and kitchen utensils and appliances, stainless steel, steam rub match, the industry of 8 big pillar such as car of door of guard against theft, slide, the product sells as far as to the 130 many countries such as European Union, United States, Australia, Japan and area.

Current, always health 90% what hardware industry holds production value of this city industry, 60% what hold total output value, 80% what take finance income. Always health the hardware production base with already became China the mainest and exit base, also be China's oldest hardware product distributing center center. The whole world has 169 countries and area to already was had " always health make " hardware product. Always health city of hardware of Chinese science and technology also is China's biggest hardware major market, the 4600 hardware businessman that comes from countrywide each district gathers inside the city, form base of powerful hardware industry group and market platform advantage.

The Chinese hardware fair that already held 12 successfully continuously with always health hardware manufacturing industry is prop up, invite ginseng of domestic and international travelling merchant to exhibit. What held last year is dozenth exposition attracts a Chinese hardware the ginseng of many 2000 enterprise of city exhibits 20 many provinces areas of country and the area such as Korea, Japan, United States, Italy, Germany, middle east and home, it is calendar year will extend meeting scope the biggest, specialization highest, ginseng exhibits degree most, extroversion spends company staff highest hardware grand meeting. Ginseng exhibit ginseng can negotiate commerce 30 much person-time; Happen trade the forehead 6.87 billion yuan, "Exposition of the hardware on the net " visit quantity amounts to 50 much person-time. The hardware exposition with unprecedented scale, built favorable commerce investment climate further, for always health the development of socioeconomy and industry of our country hardware provided capacious platform.

The thirteenth that will hold at coming 28 days on September 26 Chinese hardware exposition still saves people government to support jointly by Department of Commerce, Zhejiang, finance of science and technology of federation of union of trade of stimulative commission of China International trade, China, Chinese light industry, China promotes meeting, China to invent association to be sponsorred jointly, always branch of province of Zhejiang of stimulative commission of trade of government of health city people, China International undertakes. Current exposition exhibits an area 40 thousand much square metre, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to will amount to 2600, exhibit a product more than kinds 100 thousand. Exposition with " let world metals assemble always health, hardware moves toward Rangyongkang the world " for the theme, insist to specialization, the brand is changed, international melt into is oriented, show the newest development achievement of Chinese hardware industry and trend in the round, promote the communication between domestic and international enterprise and cooperation actively, show brand image for metals company, negotiate technology of industry of trends of industry of cooperative commerce, knowledge, communication, breed product brand to build good service platform.
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