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Borrow public security spy alarm a stainless steel basin

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Big calamity reveals big love, catastrophe more show the real situation. When the seismic devil of that black swept across Sichuan on May 12 when plain of short of Wenshui River, shenzhen examines quarantine person experienced an injury likewise Bei and aching. Bei deeps sorrow, shenzhen examines quarantine bureau leading Party group is with the person this, decisive and decision-making, quick disposition, strong lead, advance in order, guide all cadre worker with big love, in order to unite, with tough launch aseismatic operation providing disaster relief, transmitting the real situation, courage, hope and confidence to disaster area people.

Come day after day, the reporter examines in Shenzhen quarantine bureau is interviewed in, the high cohesive affinity that is given out by this bureau spurt and love move deeply.

Stand fast one's job

Boost disaster area with all one's strength

"Hold to ' two tactics is caught ' , had done each work. Had done each work..

"Want to disaster area people deep-felt sympathize with and intense patriotic heart, translate into becomes the motive force of good own job. Translate into becomes the motive force of good own job..

"Do good own job, it is the biggest to disaster area assist! It is the biggest to disaster area assist!!