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Bay of Guangdong Fosan a unit of dry measure for grain will establish garden of

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Bay of stone of the city zone of buddhist of city of Fosan of Guangdong of report of Guangzhou of E our newspaper presses down what will carry out stainless steel industry to optimize promotion, will in 325 countries with on the west, on the lot that terminal market of sand hill pottery and porcelain takes about 850 mus, the garden of industry of originality of stone bay stainless steel that construction covers an area of 50 much square metre. Shi Wan presses down concerned controller to divulge, after industrial garden builds, predict to produce can will amount to 3 million reach 4 million tons.
According to introducing, garden of industry of originality of this stainless steel serves industry of construction stainless steel platform, basically include stainless steel technology to groom center, examine detect center, technology communication and achievement change service center and stainless steel net to hand in easy platform to wait. Central respect flows in the trade matter of advanced course, will recommend enterprise of domestic and international large stainless steel and trading company, if iron of Japanese new day, Germany overcomes captive uncle, reach the trade of large stainless steel such as the 5 mine of Chinese in planning deserve to send a center.