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Heibei saves the byelaw that suckle course of study: yellow? kind milk giving b

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Standing committee of 11 National People's Congress are saved the 4th times in what ended on July 18 on the conference, get attention fully " rules of trade of Heibei province milk " obtain through, rules will apply at rising on October 1 this year. Concerned personage expresses, this byelaw gives birth to bright milk and safety of dairy produce quality to safeguard, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of operator of the production that suckle course of study, consumer, promote me to save development of the health that suckle course of study to will produce main effect.

I am saved is stock raising big province, also be milk industry big province. Give birth to safety of bright milk and dairy produce quality to assure, let people drink on " be at ease grandma " , this byelaw makes clear a regulation, prohibit buy and selling following 6 kinds of milk giving birth to delicacy: The embryo inside 15 days suckles milk cow antenatal and after calving inside 7 days suckle first, but the except that is treatment raw material with be being suckled first; Milk cow is using antibiotic kind the produces inside 7 days milk after medicaments period occasional stops drug; Milk cow has the milk that disease of bacili of family name of mastitis, tuberculosis, cloth produces during etc infectivity disease; The grandma that adulteration makes a holiday degenerative perhaps; Happen one, the epidemic disease area of 2 kinds of contagion, in the milk that produces during block; Other the grandma that does not accord with standard of wholesome and safe quality.

Suckle production for normative unripe Xian Niu, orders provision, milk giving birth to delicacy is crowded after going out drop in temperature inside 2 hours to 0 ℃ - 4 ℃ are saved, do not have drop in temperature those who save a requirement, ought to sell milk giving birth to delicacy in time to buy a station; The keep in storage, container that carries milk giving birth to delicacy to ought to use stainless steel to wait to cause milk giving birth to delicacy not easily to pollute. Byelaw returns a regulation, build milk giving birth to delicacy to buy a station, want the healthy proof with valid hold from personnel of course of study; Accord with environmental protection requirement, be apart from milk giving birth to delicacy to buy a station 25 meters of less than did not pollute a source.