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Must not under plan of choose and buy of home appliance of 10 thousand yuan of t

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As people living standard rise ceaselessly, the kitchen is not one stir-fries only any more the place that cook, he more represented style of a kind of household, represented master grade, so more and more consumer begin those who pay attention to a kitchen to decorate the character with electric equipment. The author is the kitchen in 10 thousand yuan for the total prices of everybody introduction today 4 old electric equipment, include machine of electromagnetism furnace, microwave oven, lampblack, kitchen range burning gas, can consult for better to economic condition family:

Boss JZ(YTR).2-9T60 ignites price of the reference that enrage kitchen: 2498 yuan

Boss JZ(YTR).2-9T60 lights design of appearance of gas cooking stove to give a person sense of a kind of luxurious atmospheric, its whole used face plate of high strenth pottery and porcelain, high colour and lustre, contracted and fluent in more reveal artistic wind model.

Boss JZ(YTR).2-9T60 lights gas cooking stove

This kitchen burning gas applies to a liquefied petroleum gas / natural gas / burn gas artificially all sorts of gas sources, use what take wind completely to take wind kind, it is fuel burning gas more sufficient, have certain economic effect thereby. Its ignition means is electronic pulse type, furnace head has flameout protector, user even if carelessness forgets put out kitchen burning gas, meeting induction eliminates this plant and cut off automatically burn gas, safety performance is good. This kitchen burning gas is additionally peculiar portfire designs 0 seconds, start light a fire of combinative delay time quickly, ignition leads 100 % successfully, use convenient and quick.

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Editor viewpoint: The combustion equalizing system that boss JZ(YTR).2-9T60 lights gas cooking stove (BTS) , with advocate system of the place in fire (Mainflame Central-control System) , combustion is balanced and delicate. Ministry of hole bottom burning gas was used inferior drip tray of arenaceous stainless steel of smooth in season, make surface color harmonious and beautiful, provide more exceed strong corrosion resistance, wear well.