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Stainless steel market clinchs a deal continuously low fan

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28 days drop as a result of international nickel price broken 20 thousand close greatly, bring about without the home such as stannum, Fosan market of main city district clinchs a deal continuously low fan, the market is wait-and-see breath is grumous, product of the 300 departments in the market drops to be controlled in 200 yuan, 200 departments and 400 departments price have what also have 50-200 to glide evidence. According to Lan Gegang market of iron information research center is monitored show, market quoted price is Zhang Pu to produce: Cold roll 304/2B 0.8mm is 28300 yuan / ton, 2.0mm is 27700 yuan / ton; Too steel produces: 304/2B 2.0mm is 27100 yuan / ton, 0.5mm price is 29700 yuan / ton; Bao Gang produces 304/2B 2.0mm price to be 27300 yuan / ton, 3.0mm price is 27700 yuan / ton; Hot-rolling too steel produces 4.0-6.0mm of 304.1 flat to be 26500 yuan / ton, with norms Bao Gang produces the price to be 26500 yuan / ton, zhang Pu produces 5.0mm price to be 26700 yuan / ton; 430.1 3.0mm is 9600 yuan / ton. Suffer price of nickel of near future international to take dropping effect continuously, home clinchs a deal also with delicate give priority to, without the home such as stannum, Fosan the stainless steel price of main city shows the trend that shows small to glide now, glide with 300 departments among them most apparent, hot-rolling flat glides extent is controlled in 200 yuan, cold rolling coils board glide 100-200 yuan, 200 departments and 400 departments price drop impetus is relatively some slower. Steelworks of main stainless steel of home of in addition close recently comes out reduce the effect that the contract measured for goods June, alleviate somewhat for be more than the market background that beg to current market, the market continues to lose the trend also arrived keep within limits, and the businessman thinks this movement adjusts steel mill generally prospective market level goes situation express to be anxious. Downstream user also gives enough wait-and-see attitude to current market, bring about the market to clinch a deal delicate with each passing day. Clinch a deal in home market whole the quantity is shown show weak environment to fall, cause market stocks to have the tendency of small growth. The market thinks later period market continues to take dropping trend considerably generally lesser, right current the state of dish of entire market value compares self-identity, prospective market value will suffer resource to decrease stage by stage and appear a favourable turn.