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"Ironhanded " director and his city building is censorial " iron army-invincible

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"Ironhanded " director and his city building is censorial " iron army-invincible army "
-- mark the appearance of a city of city building of tall honest county censorial group
Chen Jian of Jiang Jun of reporter of □ our newspaper's reporter

Gao Chun, be located in the southwest end of Nanjing, ancient have " Changjiang Delta bethel " beautiful praise. This a region of rivers and lakes that appearing charm of Wu Feng Hunan completely is small city, appear everywhere piece bank what the lake appears blue sky of water of green, green jade is clear and pure. Greenery is thick shade medium politics a person of wide knowledge and sound scholarship and, thoroughfare the civilization on the highway is neat, the tall Chunren that pure and fresh and comfortable person resides an environment to let body amid is happy unceasingly, the urban governor that also lets bearing urban government heavy burden is proud unceasingly.
The backbone force that censorial group regards the appearance of a city of city building of tall honest county as government of tall honest city, taking on of appearance of city of urban the appearance of a city " Palladium " part, censorial group group grows the appearance of a city of city building of director of management board of the appearance of a city of tall honest county, county the city building the appearance of a city that Tang Shenghu is guiding him is censorial " iron army-invincible army " , below burning sun, in harships, walk along a street to string together alley, execute the law strictly. They insist to be with the person this, the concept that civilization executes the law, had become hard " the city manages person of the first responsibility " , city of active exploration, scientific practice manages integrated administration to execute the law the job, get to manage tall Chun Gucheng neater, more beautiful beautiful, dedicating silently...

Change subtly:
Management length effect often is caught indefatigable
Censorial group gets the appearance of a city of city building of tall honest county prefectural construction bureau is entrusted, in the appearance of a city of city building of entire county exercise censorial execute the law function. They basically are assuming town planning sanitation of environment of the appearance of a city, municipal project is censorial, censorial reach this prefectural canton the partial safety of house of state-owned land main rooms inside region is censorial the government that waits for a respect works. The job of loaded down with trivial details of such numerous and jumbled, should do complete even not easy, had done even, its difficulty cans be imagined. The enthusiasm of have one's bosom filled with with everybody of one mind and active and active working responsibility heart, only the city building of 40 much people is censorial execute the law team, the multinomial function of urban government play gets incisively and vividly, enter a world that gave oneself.
Environment of the appearance of a city is problem of the key in urban government, difficulty. Have a definite object in view of a large body of, regular the special operation that the organization begins impetus huge, have carpet type clear punish. This year first half of the year, this group undertakes be occupyinged management special punish more than times 60 in all, dispatch 1500 more than person-time. This year March, this group still banned city of tall honest trade east side chaos sets booth to nod 26, demolish Zhan Daoting canopy 5, adopt according to actual condition " scanty block union up, bring booth to enter alley " human nature is changed, science changes administrative method, reach road learning hill in clearing of side of north of small pleasant village respectively side footpath is established on the west temporarily market of small articles of daily use 2, unite management establishment, manage time and scope of operations clearly, dredge flow booth nods 48, already beautification the appearance of a city, solved the bread problem of partial flow pedlar again.
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