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Market of Chinese stainless steel appears firm in dropping posture

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End to was become on September 12, market of Chinese stainless steel appears firm in dropping posture, staple market fall after a rise of price of 300 departments product, 200 departments quoted price is certain in small dark fall, 400 departments quoted price is basic and stable, international market also low fan move, short-term inside the market or difficult rebound.

This week (came 12 days on September 8) LME nickel continues to glide, in 18, 350 dollars / ton to 18, 750 dollars / ton continuously concussion, fail to break through from beginning to end answer once more to 19, 000 dollars / ton, nickel inventory lasts block up, to nickel inventory had been achieved on September 12 50, 802 tons. Suffer inventory tall look forward to but demand not the influence of flourishing, nickel price is low fan move, nickel price goes currently situation is adverse to generation of stainless steel market influence. Nickel price lasts low fan, generator can reduction of output, golden plain group says, nickel crop will decrease than target crop 2008 1 reach 20 thousand tons, the smelting furnace that adds newly suspends go into operation again and again, have unit of two blast furnace additionally by instead copper smelt. Cuba says " Ike " hurricane did not cause serious effect to its nickel mining and processing factory, its predicting future will restart inside a few days production. Regard the world as one of countries of mineral products of the biggest nickel, cuba runs 3 nickel mine, among them one is managed jointly with company of Canadian Sherritt International. "Ike " save in the Holguin of the eastpart part with 120 miles / the production that before the speed of the hour lands, the company shut nickel establishment is run.

Alloy surtax whole reduced Euramerican steelworks in October, company of company of steel of AK of Mu of A Legen Ni Lude Lu, United States, North America stainless steel, Ansailemidaer, Otto offsprings general differs all, as a result of,basically be fall after a rise of international ferrochrome price. Asian market respect, the biggest stainless steel produces the Asia plan of iron of Xiang Gang of business Korea riverside continued in September reduction of output 20% , or 25, 000 metric ton; Korea BNG iron and steel because September reduction of output of cold rolling factory 6 days, output falls 5, 000 tons. This company plans in September the 13 production that suspend factory of cold rolling of the Chang Yuan below the banner temporarily to 18 days, predicting output will decrease 5, 000 tons or so; Japan is the biggest iron of new day of stainless steel factory lives gold (NSSC) announce, price of sale in domestic market of wire of 300 departments stainless steel will be reduced September, among them, price of wire of stainless steel of nickel department SUS304 falls amount to 45, 000 yen / ton; 400 departments price continues to keep existing base price changeless. Cong Mou plants reduction of output and the act that move price the reflection on degree goes out short-term inside stainless steel market or will continue low fan.
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