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Market of sand hill pottery and porcelain will go garden of stainless steel indu

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Recently, buddhist the city zone is held accelerate ceramics industry to optimize promotion press conference, announced " the decision that buddhist the city zone promotes about accelerating ceramics industry to optimize " press down with Shi Wan street " garden of industry of stainless steel originality " development program, the reporter learns, the development direction of industry of buddhist city ceramics and zone location are made clear further, prospective stone bay is street the industry of ceramics of traditional arts and crafts such as an industry of originality of culture of contented of international of development of area general key, na Zhuang presses down an area to develop headquarters economy, research and development, meeting to exhibit mainly, the pottery and porcelain such as content shedding is contemporary service line of business.

It is reported, be located in buddhist the city zone 325 countries with on the west, take for terminal market of sand hill pottery and porcelain now, future will run make garden of industry of originality of large stainless steel personally. Current, the relevant program of garden of industry of stainless steel originality has come on stage, according to the program, garden of industry of originality of stone bay stainless steel covers an area of 50 much square metre (about 850 mus) . Shi Wan is street will be in 3~5 inside year, make its have international famous spend and the area of garden of industry of originality of world-class stainless steel of consequence.

According to buddhist the city zone deputy warden Liang Bingjun introduces, special repair work acquires property of pottery and porcelain of before buddhist the city zone one phase apparent effect, whole area brings into 115 architectural pottery of special punish limits to produce a business, 2007 already shut before the end of the year, remove 35; This year up to already shut on June 1, remove 18; Acceptance is in second half of the year was shut 2008, company of removing production of pottery and porcelain has 26. According to statistical branch newest the data that publish, came this year in January May, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2006, although involve change many enterprises, the economic gross of industry of ceramics of buddhist the city zone and taxation do not fall to rise instead.