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The European Union abandons stainless steel price bear pressure

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Accept demand low fan and the impact that anticipates LME nickel price will drop, europe abandons stainless steel price to glide once more. British market 18/8 piece of makings clinch a deal the price is 1150-1180 pound / ton (2285-2345 dollar / ton) , from June the 2nd week begins, the price dropped 180 pound / ton later, drop once more 30 pound / ton. European market personage also felt price of useless stainless steel bears the pressure that be down, the price of 18/8 piece flotsam is 2400 dollars / ton (CIF) . A trafficker says " we are being experienced low confused summer. If LME nickel price does not pick up, price of useless stainless steel rises without reason. " the commerce price of nickel price is 21525 dollars about last week / ton, remarkable under the 28950 dollars April / ton level. The analyst predicts, nickel price may fall to 18000 dollars this year / or so tons. Another trafficker says, "If you pay close attention to economic news, all goods are rising: Oil, food is waited a moment, but nickel price is in however drop, it seems that everybody is crossing a long holiday. It seems that everybody is crossing a long holiday..