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The European Union is produced to China " HPI " oil lamp of adornment of materia

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On July 18, 2008, committee blame feeds the European Union taste kind of fast early warning system (RAPEX) produce to China " HPI " oil lamp of card garden adornment gives out consumer to warn. The bulletin country of this case is Germany. The Art of this product. Code encode is 121826, 121827 with 121828, EAN code encode is 4041103116447; This oil lamp pledges for stainless steel material, the diameter is 9 ~ 20cm.

This product is by the reason of the bulletin: The lampwick of this product defends the design is put in blemish, children falls lampwick hold tight extremely easily, like devour or drink next kerosene, have incur the risk with children toxic chemistry; In the meantime, to children character, the design of upper cover of this oil lamp is not quite safe also. In addition, box of oil storage of this oil lamp and lampwick are worn between appear asbestos is contained in partial gasket.

Current, importer is freewill already market of this commodity evacuate and recall.

For this, chinese commerce relieves a website to suggest home concerns production and export business to give to this height takes seriously.