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Stainless steel market is firm on July 30 in adjust

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On July 31, 2008 09:11

[Dispatch of world China money] market of Chinese stainless steel moved posture whole on July 30 smooth, wave motion of value of product of 200 departments, 400 departments is not big, partial market value of 300 departments product is little fall after a rise.

Open quotation signed up for period nickel of LME of London metal bourse on July 30 18, 750 dollars / ton, closing quotation signs up for 18, 050 dollars / ton, inventory reduces 234 tons, total reserve is 44, 124 tons. Shanghai field electroanalysises 1 number price small range adjusted nickel on July 30, in 146, 500 to 149, 000 yuan / ton, all valence 147, 750 yuan / ton, drop 2, 000 yuan / ton. Nickel price continues low, china abandons whole of value of stainless steel market to drop, at present the market clinchs a deal general. Show home to abandon stainless steel market 304 (Ni " 7.8% ) average price is in roughly 19, 200 yuan / ton, accumulative total dropped in July 200 yuan / ton, drop for 1.03% ; 201 average prices are in roughly 8, 600 yuan / ton, accumulative total rose in July 200 yuan / ton, go up for 2.98% ; 430 average prices are in roughly 7, 000 yuan / ton, accumulative total rose in July 100 yuan / ton, go up for 1.45% . 7, August is traditional purchase off-season, stainless steel market clinchs a deal delicate, at present the market clinchs a deal fatigued and weak, can't make market price case continues to drop, prices maintains fluctuation to fluctuate in nearly two months, without the effect moving price that also won't suffer steelworks. Steelworks resource arrives in succession, disclose according to market respect, shanghai overcame captive uncle to have a share recently 304, 430 thin plate are arrived at without stannum, be in probably 500 control to 600 tons, can alleviate on certain level resource of the market that do not have stannum is in short supply; In addition, have 1 about, goods of 500 tons of wine steel resource arrive without stannum, the arrival that this batch of goods measure alleviates on will certain level the situation of market nervousness; Couplet numerous respect also carries the resource that has nearly 10 thousand tons water carry is arrived at without stannum, main with 201, 202, 304J1 is given priority to. The arrival of new natural resources will alleviate the market that do not have stannum the situation of the 201 insecurity that offer money, predicting likelihood causes impact to 200 departments prices. Zhang Pu has thousands of tons resource to arrive at Fosan, but because suffer the 8th typhoon " phoenix " influence, bring about resource of piece of merchandise on hand of riverside next month to arrive at Fosan later. 200 departments board roll market price case did not change apparently, now Fosan, without stannum two big markets 201 cold rolling coil board basically clinch a deal valence is in 16, 600 yuan / ton, little money goes up as a result of partial norms market in the meantime, so also the part quotes tallish phenomenon happens. Rose recently atmosphere still thicker, but because purchase power downstream finite, the strength that prop up is a little insufficient, clinch a deal the case is not quite good. 300 departments respect, nearly two days, suffer too effect of range of steel attune price and nickel price drop, without stannum 304 cold a price somewhat fall after a rise, basically maintain in 27, 000 to 274, 000 yuan / or so tons. 400 departments earlier stage is small are pulled after going up, the near future begins to enter smooth state, the market confidence that 300 departments adjust pair of 400 departments or affect generation certainly, but short-term 400 departments will still with smooth dish whole give priority to. Market of stainless steel profile is small confused condition did not appear change, the market clinchs a deal quantity as before delicate, the price did not go. Lukewarm state stainless steel does not have the price that seam a canal changeless, the market clinchs a deal still very weak; Of short duration of price of Fosan solder canal is invariant, the market clinchs a deal the volume is average; The market that do not have stannum does not have stability of the price that seam a canal, the market is behaved flatly, northward market keeps stable without the price that seam a canal, clinch a deal general. Staple market is particular prices is as follows:
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