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Half an year of personnel of Linyi detect check opens sham tobacco to carry sale

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On April 9, 2008 afternoon, a middleaged trader that has style extremely is called by the policeman before Xiamen International Airport boards the plane, a pair of shiny darby wears immediately to go up in his hand, this man is police traced half an year " 2007.10.29 " carry, a person that sells false smoke record " honest employer " .
Almost at the same time, in Linyi one large content sheds a company, personnel of policeman of more than 100 public security, nicotian check hits out suddenly, sort thing company boss the Song Dynasty such-and-such, hold the position of fiscal the Song Dynasty Song Nv of such-and-such little sister, assemble and unassemble be versed in Liu Mou is seized. In the distance content sheds 2 kilometers of company to be in inside a house owned by a citizen, policeman and nicotian check personnel hunted down accumulation mountainous cigarette of a large number of sham famous brand.
Mechanism of course city public security and half an year of nicotian and monopolistic bureau are indefatigable hard, detect this successfully to rise to save the biggest carriage to sell record of false smoke network completely eventually, the 3 lines on the name and 5 guilty suspects that participate in carriage holiday smoke are captured, of false smoke of more than 10 sale get offline guilty suspect is seized. Via examining, suspect of experience case crime sheds a company to be center of have a change of luck with content, value 11.69 million yuan (already checked solid) false tobacco use is gone to 36 cities of more than 10 province such as Shandong, Shanxi, Jiangsu, city, municipality. On July 15, experience case basically commits a crime suspect by lawfully to sue.
On August 6 morning, the reporter comes to Lan Shan group of check of nicotian and monopolistic bureau, understand this to remove complete province in the round the biggest, use content shedding to carry the case that sells false cigarette first.
Pinkeye of eyeball of check personnel gold
On October 29, 2007 afternoon 14 when 40 minutes, be Linyi when each terminal market is the busiest, cheat wave of hill highway person to move, the car comes the car is gone to. In wagon flow, one is being pulled full the attention that the motor-driven tricycle of the box of goods of one car stainless steel that pack causes nicotian check personnel.
After check personnel shows certificate, block motor-driven tricycle, undertake checking lawfully. Via checking, these stainless steel are hiding cigarette of a person of extraordinary powers of 21.2 illegal China, emperor actually in the box that pack, value is in 228 thousand yuan about. Classics inquiry, motor-driven tricycle drives person Wang Mou is told, oneself are opening a car to look for work to work on the road, a middleaged man is come up against on dypass of north of unconscious hill highway, the station distributing money that Wang Mou lets send this batch of money to to send Zhengzhou after this man talks about good value, the goods that Wang Mou does not know he is locomotive is illegal cigarette. Subsequently, the sample of illegal cigarette sends Shandong to save nicotian quality to supervise detect station, examine via differentiating, illegal cigarette is the false and inferior cigarette of sham registered trade mark.
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