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Shanxi Taiyuan too steel stainless steel will apply at " divine boat 7 "

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"Divine boat 7 " task of manned space flight will this year choose machine was carried out in October. On August 7, too steel announces about chief, too the stainless steel material of steel will apply at " divine boat 7 " crucial part, the spaceflight career that continues to be a country aids force to buy variety.

In " divine boat 6 " use too on the foundation of material of steel stainless steel, "Divine boat 7 " astronaut training fights a satellite to checked equipment to all be used with equipment and north too the stainless steel that steel produces board; "Goddess in the moon " the component with the crucial part of the engine that carrier rocket grows 3 nail and conditional slashing requirement also was used too the stainless steel material of steel, these were revealed adequately too the abundant technology actual strength of product of steel production stainless steel.

In recent years, too the development that steel completed spaceflight, rocket, missile, surface and underwater naval ships satisfactorily to wait for war industry product with steel and development task.

Innovating completely independently by the Chinese " goddess in the moon " in spaceflight project, "Goddess in the moon " system of satellite of first phase project, carrier rocket system all was used too the stainless steel material of steel. In addition, too steel stainless steel still applies at " divine boat " 6 5 date, airship and 7 airship are made wait for major project, made contribution for national spaceflight project.