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Airframe of hale stainless steel is alluring

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On August 7, 2008, jin Li H66 (travel goods) in the businessman " the store on golden set net " newest quote is 1080 yuan. Jin Li H66 is those who used frame of frame of carve of stainless steel radium is homebred straight board mobile phone.

Jin Li H66 used the feeling screen of the QVGA resolution of a color of 2.6 inches of 65K, indication effect is general. The airframe with the stainless steel qualitative capable person that nevertheless this machine employs is supereminent however, especially its feel makes a person fondle admiringly more. In addition this machine still has blue tooth, T-Flash to store book of calorie of patulous, electron and inside the good function such as software of buy shift stock market, integral expression still calculates satisfactory.

The graph is: Gold establishs H66 mobile phone

The graph is: Gold establishs H66 mobile phone

The graph is: Gold establishs H66 mobile phone

The editor comments on:

Although the price of Jin Li H66 is great cheap, but the hardware of this machine is configured or can not let sb down of this price, and the combination with qualitative material of airframe of metal of this machine big screen also is more welcome today, accordingly this machine still can let a person accept.

Jin Li H66 (travel goods)
[Referenced price] 1080 yuan
[Distributors home] the store on golden set net
[Businessman network address] Http://

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