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Bibcock enterprise drives force of labor of new dominant position of Taiyuan con

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This year first half of the year, top of extruding of big tonnage of domestic large requirements is in charge of market of whole set of equipment to share 4 projects, taiyuan " lustre " take among them 3 sheet, reside dominant of a person of same business firmly; Too container of type of steel coal tub uses stainless steel board batch production, making domestic head home also is exclusive container of type of a canister uses stainless steel board supplier, replace an entrance in the round; Garden of health Taiyuan industry introduces Fuji the world is the greatest equipment of die-casting of spare parts of magnalium alloy car, establish cooperative relationship with manufacturer of car of 6 big international.

Second half of the year, car of whole world of association of international magnesian trade uses magnesium to the seminar will be in and be held, taiyuan construction provides competition ability magnesium most industrial base train of thought is more capacious... base builds drawing, bibcock enterprise is driven, highlight new dominant position of Taiyuan convention industry, for new-style industry base construction increases power.

Taiyuan is a resource that is dominant with traditional industry city, the traditional industry such as anxious, mechanical, material occupies metallurgy, coal the 2/3 of economic gross. How to optimize industrial quality, promote competition actual strength? Taiyuan is grasper with big project, solid advance manufacturing industry of stainless steel production, new-style equipment, aluminum-magnesium alloy to machine " 3 large base " construction, present the following window:

-- race to control is bit taller, drawing industry catenary. Too steel group in last few years devoted rate carries science and technology in 5% the left and right sides, a batch of new strategic product fill home is blank, application is built at Olympic Games place, " harmonious date " high speed train is made reach " goddess in the moon " the national major project such as visit month project. For catenary of industry of outspread stainless steel, area of garden of industry of Taiyuan stainless steel 2003 start working is built, the existing enterprise that enter an area 53, had year of treatment to change the ability of 300 thousand tons of stainless steel. Again 5 new labels make an appointment with a project to leave this year first half of the year build, reach the designated position capital 750 million yuan.

-- integrated promotion, expand actual strength. With key of heavy-duty car and melt into of scale of production of coal machinery whole set of equipment, taiyuan city passes integrated strong actual strength. Hill steam and southern car recombine south steam (Taiyuan) project of base of the production that weigh steam covers an area of 750 mus, this year in April, car of first new-style environmental sanitation that the steam austral Taiyuan produces is on provincial capital street. By too heavy, too 9 enterprises such as mine are contributive equipment of established whole set of machine of too heavy coal creates base, always invest 980 million yuan. This year on July 8, machine of too heavy coal develops a the 3rd generation successfully fill of conveyer of thin coal-bed scraper is provincial and blank. Still introduced machine of excavate of colliery of branch department of Taiyuan of coal division courtyard this year the project such as lab of equipment country project, aggrandizement assemble advantage. Statistical data shows: This year first half of the year, industry of Taiyuan machinery equipment increases average rate of whole city of fast tower above 10 percent, the contribution that increases to industry is led relatively last year tower above of the corresponding period more than 10 percent.

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