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24 projects such as purchase and sale of stainless steel product

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It is after earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River, skill of happy hill person is caught aseismatic provide disaster relief, catch economic progress single-handed, except develop aseismatic activity providing disaster relief actively, concentrated force quantity develops happy hill industry and tourism, still use the housing materials that after oneself advantage offers calamity actively to heavy disaster area, rebuilds, help heavy disaster area is finished as soon as possible rebuild. Because have world culture and mountain of eyebrow of high mountain of natural double heritage -- , happy Shandafo, happy hill city also takes the lead in market of start shooting travel is started renew fight of assault fortified positions!
□ industry piece western porcelain is stricken be hit by a natural adversity restore however again fast
As " China western porcelain " clip river,
With river of advance of rich of Zi of Guangdong Fosan, Shandong, Fujian and
Call contented of 4 a lunar month of 30 days to produce base.
"River of the clip in the earthquake is Le Shan stricken be hit by a natural adversity the most serious county, already amounted to 7 degrees through intensity of expert appraisal earthquake, entire county is all ceramics company is different degree is stricken be hit by a natural adversity, had total stop production on May 12! " Tao Hongwei of secretary of county Party committee of the river that occupy clip introduces, since May 14 industry of clip river ceramics resumes production in succession, had renewed 190 product line so far, industry of ceramics of river of the clip at the beginning of predicting next month will resume production in the round, the need in after weighing disaster area calamity especially, rebuilding uses ceramic tile in great quantities, intensifying resuming production so is the greatest to what rebuild after calamity help.
Cement industry demand also does not rise in price greatly
Need rebuilds after the earthquake a large number of cement, according to cent
After analyse saves calamity completely inside 3 years, rebuild to will exceed 100 million tons to cement demand, and Chuanneiyi some because large cement company suffers an earthquake to destroy an effect, bring about whole cement company to produce can annual reduce 10 million tons about, at present a few disaster area are badly in need of a large number of cement.
Rebuild to endeavor to help disaster area, high mountain of company of famous cement of happy hill city gets the better of a company to work overtime restore to produce concrete, at present this company already Xiang Qingchuan, Chinese flourishing, medium the alms of stricken be hit by a natural adversity area such as the river 1050 tons of cement. Company at the same time acceptance: Do not rise in price absolutely!
□ travels a next month of battle of assault fortified positions before restoring shake
"Travel is the pillar industry of happy hill city, whole 2007 town welcomes a visitor 14.48 million person-time, implementation travel gross earnings ten billion and ninety-six million yuan! " according to Le Shan Li Wenfei of director of city tourism bureau introduces, area of scene of hill of eyebrow of 21 days of high mountain and global many 100 travel agent was held hand in hand " Sichuan of department of 100 cities situation swims, the Jin Ding on blessing of pray of 10 thousand people " activity, happy hill travel regards Sichuan as one of bibcock of travel, take the lead in market of start shooting travel is started renew fight of assault fortified positions, the mark is worn Sichuan anabiosises after travel calamity.
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