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Cost of stainless steel raw material raises

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Ferrochrome price will rise 8 years 60% , nickel price, molybdenum price still maintains perch, industry of global stainless steel will face the long-term challenge that raw material cost raises.

Predict ferrochrome price will rise further 2008 60% , and this kind goes up situation last to 2010 at least, this certainly will produces an effect to the value of ferrite stainless steel that stabilizes normally. Fluctuated as a result of nickel price 2007, portion already had the market of stainless steel of iron element iron to increase apparently. Suffer hold global ferrochrome output the influence of electric energy shortage of the south Africa of 43% , the ferrochrome alloy crop 2008 will greatly under 2007, estimation will have 40 thousand tons gap.

Additional, in the future that can foreknow, molybdenum price still also maintains perch, begin to will appear from 2009 big supply is in short supply situation, and the investment that develops molybdenum mine reachs price wave motion high to also mean enlarge to produce have certain difficulty.

Although nickel price glides continuously, but the market is spent to the dependence of ferronickel still manage the price that prop up historical perch.