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Xing platform construction establishs integrated beautification to pack comprehe

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Xing platform construction establishs integrated beautification to pack comprehensive punish to begin formally
On July 2, 2008 8:58 origin: Bovine wall evening paper

[Chinese coating is online news information] rise from this day, structure of market of edge of urban district of city of Heibei Xing stage establishs a range integrated beautification is packed and comprehensive punish begins formally. Ave of street of Beijing University of road of urban steel railroad, metallurgy, Xing city district, spring, resurgence, burgeoning ave 6 street for punish key. Decency of edge street building cleans plaster, awning and awning to keep clear of entirely... the city after punish will take on an entirely new look.

Edge street awning, awning keeps clear of entirely

Be opposite this in punish processing of metope of body of edge street building made detailed program. According to " beautification, rise, first floor one plan " principle, differ according to the state of the building, undertake cleaning to body of edge street building respectively, brush paint, stick the ceramic tile, model that stick aluminium board wait for processing, the harmony of form quality colour, city landscape that has distinguishing feature.

In the meantime, window of guard against theft transforms the protruding outside edge street building to be stainless steel material or whitewash afresh silver-colored pink; Air conditioning of edge street building wears the pink that brush silver; Awning of edge street building, awning keeps clear of entirely; Appear circuit is done inside buy processing.

Building of house of edge street dweller unites plaster

To building, new clothes repairs wall of act of building, glass to be given priority to in order to clean. Dweller house building is given priority to with plaster, plaster is used makings the principle that should act on high level, high quality, high quality scales, choose adherent force strong, be able to bear or endure erode, anticorrosive plaster material, ensure do not expose to the sun skin, do not rise beat, do not fall off. Same project must be chosen approve a product together with the factory. Party and goverment officials, enterprise or business unit office building with aluminium model board, ceramic tile, granite decorate give priority to.

Relevant controller introduces, this the main purpose of punish passes structures of pair of urban edge market to undertake namely " clad wear a hat " , establish biscuit to install, make urban mass-tone move, reveal urban characteristic, form have bright distinguishing feature, alone attractive new Xing Tai.