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Gao Ge returns the smelt that play a way to exceed low carbon stainless steel

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Return smelt of the law that blow oxygen traditionally to exceed low carbon stainless steel, match chromium to measure 8% ~ 9% , and when reductive fine, need to fill the small carbon ferrochrome that adds the fluid that take steel to measure 10% above or metallic chromium, alloy cost is occupied exceed low carbon stainless steel the body of steel fluid cost. In recent years, as stainless steel socially a large number of application, natural resources of stainless steel useless steel is increasingly substantial also. In the meantime, cast steel of stainless steel of cast steel factory return many stainless steel to risk El again, to reduce manufacturing cost, on the foundation that returns law smelt to exceed low carbon stainless steel, apply Gao Ge to return smelt of the law that blow oxygen to exceed low carbon stainless steel, carry what blast furnace expects to match chromium, can be used less or need not costly small carbon ferrochrome or metallic chromium, having considerable economic benefits.

Gao Ge returns the way that blow oxygen is to use return makings reclaim alloying element, enrage through blowing oxygen decarbonization to go, go be mingled with, assure the smelt method that the function of steel asks thereby. When burden, increase the amount matching chromium of charging, except deserve to have return in great quantities outside makings, match with right amount tall carbon ferrochrome, make the chromic content in charging achieves higher content, standard of prep above standards. Return stainless steel of smelt of the law that blow oxygen with Gao Ge, of mature already when burden chromium burn caustic, will chromic content deserves to come higher content, in process of the decarbonization that blow oxygen, make full use of the thermodynamic condition that carbolic chromium balances, go carbon protects chromium, the reduces chromium oxidation of utmost, in fall carbon to the requirement when, chromic content is close to or reach standards level, be not added or a few adding small carbon ferrochrome, chromic content is in reductive hind can reach standards level.