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Henan is provincial Xing of settle of base of product of the biggest solar energ

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One is having 10 old solar energy to make the mysterious person of experience, after Beijing and other places has made an on-the-spot investigation, carry finally gigantic endowment settle Xing is in relief. Yesterday, he expresses to the reporter " should bring up make the first brand of whole nation of solar energy product " .

Should make solar energy product the first brand

After many flounder, yesterday, the reporter is built in Xing in relief city eventually on the west inside the one factory of area of garden of road science and technology, saw mysterious figure Mr Feng.
"I am felt in industry of solar energy product climb boil dozen already 10 old, say my name, a lot of people inside course of study know. " in interviewing, mr Feng does not wish to disclose his full name from beginning to end.

"Make the first brand of countrywide. " on the wall in yard of equipment of solar energy of abundant of the four seasons of Xing in relief city, writing a such catchphrase. Mr Feng says, this is not an empty talk, depend on his experience and actual strength, making the first brand of countrywide is not impossible, because he still has group of efficient scientific research, production, sale and mature sale channel.

"I do solar energy product to already had 10 many year, beijing still has base of research and development now, if congener product is that without giving thought to, we dare be compared with it, no matter be thermal efficiency, still be quality and price. " Mr Feng says self-confidently.

"Abundant of the four seasons " the product is high-tech crystallization

"The performance of heat preservation of solar energy product that we produce is strong even at freezer cold ark, there is very great competition ability in north. " Mr Feng introduces, when they are producing solar energy product, mix in much target plated film rotate magnetism adds a variety of rare metal substance on the foundation of scanning structure, improve composition of element of plated film layer, make of vacuum tube be able to bear or endure suffer temperature to be able to amount to 200 Celsius, the velar layer ageing that avoided to vacuum tube insolates for a long time and be caused, become angry, the problem such as function decline, use Germany especially full automatic receive technology from fusion welding, simple steel tube of stainless steel material can use changeless form for a long time, not ageing, life is as long as 20 years, with common vacuum tube photograph comparing has high temperature the advantage of efficient, low hot caustic.

According to hydromechanical principle, be spent according to horn of illuminate of sunshine of our country winter and winter of give attention to two or morethings, spring, the principle that Qiu Sanji uses, designed special gold dip, can make cold hot water by the loop that do not have foreword excessive to orderly loop, raise rate of hot boiler circulation, achieve the goal that heats continuously quickly to the cold water inside cistern, raise vacuum tube to fight aspic ability in winter of northward and freezing area further.
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